What’s old is new again.

Connections are the key to marketing success in the digital age.

Relationship building continues to be the cornerstone of marketing your small business.

Create an experience for your customers.

Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix

How does the little guy compete in a corporate world?

Create an experience for your customers.

Small businesses can always do one thing large corporations can't, cultivate a personal relationship with their customers. This begins by developing a cohesive strategy of personal engagement with your customer across all platforms of communication, both in person and online.

Begin with the end in mind - Aristotle

Often times developing a personal relationship with your customer can appear superficial on the surface. That is, when your only goal is closing the sale. While approaching a potential client with a sincere interest in sharing each other's successes as friends generates a whole new dynamic. Your list of "sales leads" becomes a network of new friends with each friendship leading to another.

When you begin with the end in mind not only is there a clear goal established but the path to that result falls into place. For every small business the end goal is a life long relationship where each customer becomes your greatest advocate.


The first mistake most businesses make. When you change your mindset from "acquiring" a customer to that of providing value to a new acquaintance the foundation for a healthy relationship is created.


The biggest mistake made after becoming acquainted with a new customer is racing to close the deal. As with any relationship, trust must be earned by showing this new partner the true value you provide.


As we've stressed above making the sale is shortsighted. Coupons or discounts don't create the loyalty that you hope for. Once again, focusing on the value you can provide is the key to long terms success.


The holy grail of the relationship. An often overlooked but key point of advocacy in the digital age is that it is reciprocal. You become each others biggest fan and enjoy sharing your successes together.

There is a vast Cosmic Grapevine that connects each of us.

We are drawn to each other to create something great.


Let's Be Friends.